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About Midwest Growth Advisors


Midwest Growth Advisors is an advisory firm that offers high-touch services to assist business owners in scaling, selling, passing down, or remotely managing their business while earning an income. Our primary focus is on driving strategic growth in sales and improving operational efficiencies to ensure the company's survival without the presence of the existing owner. Our objective is to establish a leadership team and workforce that is capable of taking the company to new heights.  With over two decades of

Gary Kieper Keynot Speaker
Ready. Set. GO! Author Gary Kieper

experience, we have successfully helped numerous businesses achieve their goals. Please contact us today to learn how we can help you reach your targets.


About Gary Kieper, Jr.

Gary Kieper, Jr. is a distinguished leadership development and business coach, best-selling author, and founder of Midwest Growth Advisors. With over two decades of experience, Gary has dedicated his career to mastering and teaching effective sales strategies, leadership development, and business transition planning. His innovative Selfless SalesTM Process and co-authored best-seller, Ready, Set, Go! with Brian Tracy, have positioned him as a leading expert in sales, leadership development, and transition planning.


Gary's unique approach to sales and leadership is rooted in the belief that traditional sales strategies, while necessary, must be complemented by adding value through education and problem-solving. This philosophy has been recognized for its effectiveness, notably when his blog was selected as one of the top 50 must-read blogs on consultative selling by Docurated.


His certifications as an Exit Planning Advisor and Family Business Advisor allow him to offer specialized guidance to business owners looking to maximize value while preparing for transitions, whether exiting their business or passing it on to the next generation. Gary's work in these areas demonstrates his commitment to addressing a wide range of business challenges beyond sales.


Gary is also an Executive Director on the John Maxwell Team and a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, underscoring his expertise in leadership development. His membership in The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and The National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers further highlights his contributions to the field and his role as a sought-after speaker at national events.

Gary Kieper Certified Exit Planning Advisor
Gary Kieper Family Business Advisor
Gary Kieper National Association Expert, Writers, & Speakers
Gary Kieper Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach
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